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Business analysis &


I come, I observe and then I create a study for your business to improve or to stablish objectively where changes are needed. A complete kitchen assessment and audit on aspects like menu, shopping, wastage, productivity, staff, service performance, etc and ideas and reviews on how to improve it. 

We also design Operational Manuals personalized for the businesses, with all the recipes, techniques, etiquette, etc.


Professional training in your kitchen.

We can design a menu that suits the moderns markets, inclusive to everyone and with real groove! 

We can train your staff to ensure quality, originality and flexibility, so the menu works for you, makes you more profit and guarantees no waste or loses. 

It is time to think outside the box and train our staff properly so our guests will be dying to come back.



I am always happy to visit new kitchens, teach and learns from others and bring the people together to enjoy delicious food.

I offer collaborations as a Guest Chef in your kitchen. We can put together a funky menu, gather some attention and use our promotional channels to gain exposure for your business and mine. A Pop up, a special week, or even a single event. This way we share our common following and we help each other grow our reach.


I am Neil Browning. I have been heading kitchens for the last fifteen years. I began my cooking endeavours working as dishwasher in a bakery. When I realized I could make a living out of it, I signed up in the San Diego Culinary School in California. Like all culinary schools, you can learn technique but you cannot learn passion and the skill needed to multitask in a busy kitchen. After a few jobs I became Suschef and Training Chef at the Thai Foon Chain, overseeing the work of dozens of cooks and kitchen stuff, training the new Rockies and helping open a new location in California. This was perhaps the most intense time of my life, I was dedicated completely to my job. 

After a few years, I realized I wanted to expand my horizons and so I landed a position as a crew chef for a Touring company, I cooked for international Rock and Pop stars like Goo goo dolls, Counting Crows and Pink! We would build and tear down an entire kitchen to feed over a hundred people four meals a day with only four chefs! Touring through the US and Europe was full-on but what I got to experience was out of this world!

Then I moved to Spain, after two seasons spend as Head Chef of a local seafood restaurant, I was ready for my own adventure. I opened Tribus in 2009 with the help of my family, experiencing for the first time what being my own boss would be like. In the eleven years Tribus was opened, I cooked pretty much everything you can think of, experimenting with all styles while preserving my essence and views on food. In Tribus I learned how to be more than a Chef, how to look at a business as a whole, not just the food I can make. To understand costumers' views, understand how to promote, how to entice, how to create an original and fresh offering, how to make a business work.

Because any business can work. We have been told that this and that couldn't and wouldn't work, but it is not truth. The truth is that people will find you if they want to, if what you have they cannot find elsewhere. They will find you first of all if you believe in yourself and what you do, and sometimes all businesses need more than training and ideas is to be remained that what they do matters, that making people happy, helping them enjoy life has value. Sometimes all you need is a friendly smile and a positive attitude to help you reflect all you have done and all the potential you have.


This is my mission, to help where I can.


Nine is my lucky number.


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