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Alkaline Reprogram

"It is not about eating less, it is about eating right." Dr. Sebi

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Delicious & Alkaline

Alkaline eating aims to reduce mucus and inflammation over the entire body, balancing the pH and empowering the lymphatic system to prevent future illnesses. We will meet weekly for a two hour session to learn about this lifestyle embraced by millions around the world and to demonstrate how to prepare quick, yummy recipes (and to eat them after, of course).

Tropical Fruit Dessert

“At an early age we were taught that soul food is the unhealthy Death Food that many of us put into our temples, but what is real Soul Food?


REAL FOOD is the food that enhances the Sol, Our central Sun, Our Melanin, Our Carbon.


Fruits, vegetables and grains, this is the Real Soul Food.” Dr. Sebi


You can book a single session or get a monthly pass with a discount. I recommend you join the entire course for a month and really give this a try, within two weeks you will see the results. This is directed to everyone who wants to reverse/prevent illnesses, regenerate their health and find a holistic, more spiritual way to cook and eat.

“A healthy body is worth more than any dollar amount. You don't want to be the wealthiest person on a hospital bed.” Dr. Sebi

“Mucus is the cause of every dis-ease. Eliminate the mucus and you eliminate the disease.” Dr. Sebi


Game Changer

The Dr. Sebi Alkaline lifestyle is amazing for


- Healthy weight loss or weight gain.

- Increase in energy levels.

- Treatment of pain & inflammation.

- Mood balancing 

- Immunity 

- Cellular regeneration

- And you name it, it helps with it!



You will learn:

- About PH and Acidity-Alkalinity basics.

- List of approved ingredients and how to prepare them.

- Water and different ways to make sure it's alkaline.

- Body cycles and best schedule for maximum health.

- Cellular regeneration and healing holistically on the deepest levels.



Two hours session

One hour theory and questions

One hour cooking demonstration


Time to Re-program

I started reading about Dr. Sebi a few years ago and immediately caught my attention. All he said was so logical and simple, yet I couldn´t make sense on how I have missed it all for so long. Then I realized there was this program operating on many levels in me. I began to observe and check these processes in order to understand where they were coming from. I thought I loved my body, that I was in a way "doomed" to hereditary or environmental illnesses and that what they taught me in school was right. But after realizing this program I was running on, based on the manipulation of certain groups of people for their own financial benefit, along with much generational and educational conditioning and my lack of awareness to understand what I didn't understand, I began to make choices that aligned my body, mind and spirit. Awareness is everything.

This is the closest to a Holistic way of eating I have encountered, that can be easily understood from the physical and non physical. By choosing the foods that nature attended for us to be able to eat raw, by taking on the path of less resistance and chose the food that gives the best results, we enter a higher way of living, where fear is minimize and we change the program we have been running on. 

Investment & Schedule


Tuesdays in English at 11am STARTS ON THE 11th OF MAY

Thursdays in Spanish at 11am  EMPIEZA EL 8 DE MAYO

For now Online only, soon in person too!

Online 4 classes + access to videos €35

To book your spot please get

in touch with me through:

WhatsApp +34  634365410


Messenger at @tribusfamily

Instagram at @tribusfamily 


Meal Plans

If you are interested in a Meal Plan, let´s chat! We can personalize it and decide whether you want a week, fourteen days or twenty-one, the price would vary and it would be cheaper the longer you do it!

We can also take into account if you wish to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, or simply detox and regenerate.

This meal plans are ideal also for someone you know that perhaps is ill or recovering and needs the extra care, nutrients and love! Contact me for more details and prices with no attachment. I would be happy to prepare for you the beginning steps as you find your way into the balance you need to strive in every dimension of your life!