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The only constant is change, this seems to be our life motto y’all! Tribus started in 2009, with the arrival of our son Mylo we embarked on this crazy journey called “entrepreneurism”. Here is the thing, we love it, we love the rush, the freedom, the accountability. Self-motivation can be hard, especially when you have a thousand ideas you want to bring to life. But slowly we learn where to put our energy, where it flows best.


We started as a restaurant, in Altea, two very inexperienced young adults making mistakes but delivering without exception. Our vision of food and cooking has been an evolution, we are proud to always keep on indagating, trying to reach further and further and truly learn the meaning of food, of nourishment. We have cooked pretty much everything, we have learned and moved on, realizing at some point there was not stopping this process, the process of change. 


After we turned Tribus Vegan and with the support of the most incredible community who sustained and fueled every new idea, we welcomed new faces, embracing us just as well as our long-time friends, becoming this dream of us, a place for everyone, where all tribes mix and expand their perception of the world, where we can all feel welcomed and appreciated. A place with no rules, no etiquette but one: respect for all.


With Corona we experienced something odd, as for many, our process accelerated, we were already trying to rethink our work to be more true to our new ideas and beliefs. Sometimes people think this is crazy, that when you have one good recipe you should just stick to it for life. But we have so many recipes, so many ingredients, so many styles, we have so many dreams and talents, we cannot simply stay put in one place, when there is so much going on out there, and so much that doesn’t fit the “restaurant” molde, we are so much more than that.


After a year of trial and error, of putting ourselves out there in new ways, we are here again, with these new projects and ideas to explore. Neil has a passion for teaching, he can inspire anyone to fall in love with mad cooking! Working with several businesses already with training and consulting, he is excited to help other entrepreneurs modernize and expand, helping the community strive with his many years of cooking around the globe. 


Yani is organizing unique experiences with talented collaborators to gather and create a new vibration of healing and health. Working to help balance both the physical and non physical through food, mindful practices and a little magic! 


And we have put together the Alka-Re-Program, because we truly believe this is the way to live that ensures an incredible life full of health to the very end, full of vibrancy and dynamism. This program is to become the best we can become, yes, but it is also to learn how to cook a completely new style of cuisine, not based solely on flavor, but on nutritional richness as well. It is made to reprogram our DNA, our cells and habits. We wanted our community to have a place to start. A place that is tasty and groovy baby!


We are also always excited to share and collaborate within our capabilities and style, if you want to share the vibe and create together, please get in touch. We believe in seeing where life flows and be open to new opportunities always. 


So thank you for visiting us, both of us, our sons Mylo and Koby and our doggie Tango wish you a glorious day on this beautiful planet Earth. 


Grateful that you are here. Be well. 

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