Change is the only constant. Through the years we managed to pick up a skill or two and my passion has always been communication. I realized many talented creatives lack the time or the means to sell their work. They are my Tribe! My soul family and I always fancy myself a bit of a gatherer (super lol for a new meaning to this word as Vegan!). Since I already had the channel and all the pieces needed to put into place, I decided to build the space where conscious crafters meet conscious buyers.


It is my dream to see the old and the new tribes rise again, come back to a real community feel and propose a model for the future of business, or, better put, busiless! They can have their borders, but we can live without limitations, embracing a big, loving global family. We can live free of restrictions now more than ever!


The crafts are slow made. with so much love for the environment and made to last. Priced to make you appreciate it, look after it and to allow the maker to make a decent living without selling her/his soul to capitalism.


These times call for a different kind of imagination. If we scale down, we can stop giving our hard-earned money to corporations that slave people and destroy our precious home. If we scale down and consume less, we can afford the handmade, the unique, the family feel, we can afford gratitude, empowerment and evolution of the collective consciousness. This way more and more people can dedicate themselves to their true passions and talents, provide for their families with ease but with purpose and self-worth. We can stop now fattening the pigs of the financial elite who we are just another number to.


So children can spend quality time with their parents.

So couples can build a sustainable and blissful future together. 

So we work to live and not live to work.

So we build the communities of tomorrow.

So we can reach each other and support each other.

So we don't only recover our beautiful Earth but we bring her to her full shine.

This is my dream and by what I can see, the dream of many. We need to amplify the love. It is time to take our power back, to recover our birthright to a peaceful existence.


We are the big collective, we are already in the future living this vision in 5D.


Join us, it would never be the same without you.


Tribus family, rise up!


With love,


The Tribe!

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