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Through the years we have changed so much! And 2020 starts fresh! We began with a small cafe, we wanted to call it a ¨holistic¨ cafe, but we didn´t. We called Tribus and it was just right. Along the way we encountered our soul family and we began to share and learn from one another. Eleven years since Tribus started, now we are expanding. We bring to you our community that means everything to us, we list here the best handmade, local and high vibrational goods and services. We live the alkaline, enviromentally loving way. We have respect and appreciation for all innovation and we create our heart´s desires. This is just the gathering place for like- minded people and dreamers. Join us! A new way of living is possible. We are a Tribe. 

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Women Entrepeneur Meet up
New Moon Sound Healing & mixed gathering

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